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From time to time we like to share how we do things to assist those small businesses that like to do their own marketing. From planning marketing strategy, designing full campaigns, and talking about our own case studies to where we love to eat! At Eat Marketing Concepts, we are here to tell our stories and share ideas to provide you only the best advice. If you have any feedback or questions in relation to what we do, drop us an email at hello@eatmarketingconcepts.com

Top 10 Pizza Places in Melbourne

Happy National Pizza Day! Who can say no to Pizza? We definitely cannot here at EMC. Celebrated on the 9th of February each year, Pizza lovers and Pizza restaurants around the world reunite to celebrate Pizza, appreciate the creation and it’s journey. Did you know this special date has been celebrated since 2000? To honour the…

Valentine’s Day Campaign Ideas for Food Businesses

In case you’ve missed it Valentine’s Day is coming up and love is definitely in the air. They say food is a way to one’s heart and for businesses in the food industry now’s the time to reach out to your customers, show your appreciation and engage existing and potential customers.  It is always key…

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