Valentine’s Day Campaign Ideas for Food Businesses

In case you’ve missed it Valentine’s Day is coming up and love is definitely in the air. They say food is a way to one’s heart and for businesses in the food industry now’s the time to reach out to your customers, show your appreciation and engage existing and potential customers. 

It is always key to plan ahead and we understand that it can also get busy. That’s why the team at EMC have curated a list of the 5 perfect promo ideas to run the perfect Valentine’s Day marketing campaign. 

Top 5 Promo Ideas

  1. Complimentary Gift

Make your guests feel special with a gift. Whether it’s a free glass of bubbly or chocolates, offer it complimentary before a specific booking cutoff date. That way you can ensure your bookings are in early. Earlier bookings, means more time for your team to plan the bookings for the day and get organised. 

2. Set Valentine’s Day Menu – Themed Items 

Your guests are there for the food. Now is the perfect time to turn to your head chef for some limited edition menu items. You can even go one step further and rename the menu items with exciting and Valentine’s Day pun names. 

Valentine’s Day usually calls for fancy meals and sweet desserts with alcohol for drinks. From heart shaped pizzas to vodka pasta, ,make sure that your Valentine’s day food specials have a good range of desserts, and alcoholic beverages such as Champagne or Prosecco.

Offer special cocktails on the day and special desserts, themed with ‘love’. 

3. Set The Mood

For some couples this may be a rare opportunity to go out together. Date nights and full restaurants, as one of the busiest days of the year you need to deliver a quality experience. only providing excellent food but also give your guests a special atmosphere. 

Set the mood and make this Valentine’s Day one your guests will remember. Get romantic, roses or candles on the table, ambient lighting to set the mood. Make it memorable and show symbols of love. 

4. Takeaway offer

Even before the pandemic began, for some people the perfect Valentine’s Day is spending quality time with their partner indoors and at home options were increasing in popularity.  Sometimes the perfect date is a night in with Netflix… and sometimes the only choice for a new parent. 

With internet and home delivery services, it is important to design a takeaway offer that can be eaten at home or even for other date ideas such as a picnic. 

5. Encourage Reservations

Finally it’s time to encourage the reservations and promote, promote, promote! Nowadays everyone knows that social media marketing plays a huge role when you’re trying to spread a message. Be sure to have all the assets ready to create posts and ads on social media platforms and offer incentives. To be old school, promote it in advance with posters and styled postcards on dining tables for the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. 

No matter what promotion you pick, ensure that your restaurant’s special offer is unique, attractive and romantic. People around the world are celebrating this special day. If your food business has decided to organize something special for your guests, let’s really make it a special day and be sure to get the word out about your offers and promotions well in advance.

Looking to run social media campaigns this year? Eat Marketing Concepts can help. Contact us here!

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